Seat boss: Probably even bigger chip problems in the second quarter


The Volkswagen Group fears that the ongoing lull in the supply of electronic chips will cause even greater difficulties in the current quarter. “We are told by suppliers and also from the Volkswagen Group itself that we are facing considerable challenges in the second quarter, probably even more challenging than in the first quarter,” said Seat CEO Wayne Griffiths of the Financial Times.

The group had already said that in the first quarter around 100,000 cars could not have been produced as planned due to a lack of chips – and that will probably not be able to be made up for in the course of the year. In production at Seat’s main plant in Martorell, Spain, people are currently living “from hand to mouth,” said the Seat boss, who has been in office since October. Only after the manufacturers have supplied electronic components does the VW subsidiary decide which models are to be built.

Flexibility is crucial this year. In the VW Group’s plants, the production of cars is repeatedly disrupted because electronic components are missing. Audi will cut back production in Neckarsulm in the coming week. Many car manufacturers from Germany and the rest of the world are currently struggling with delayed deliveries of semiconductors.

Daimler announced that in the near future it may be sending more employees than planned on short-time work. In the first quarter, the Swabians primarily prioritized higher-priced and more lucrative models for construction and want to keep the effects on luxury models such as the S-Class within limits. BMW has been relatively relaxed about the chip slump so far. The Bavarians assume that they have stocked up on delivery agreements in good time.


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