secIT Digital: From cyber insurance, Emotet self-tests and Zero Trust


The editorial The program of the secIT Digital security conference is now available on the website. The editors of c’t, heise Security and iX handpicked the topics and speakers. Tickets for the three-day event are available currently still for 199 euros.

The secIT Digital will take place digitally from February 23rd to 25th. The aim of the event is that admins and IT security officers take with them concrete instructions and plans for increasing the IT security of companies. This should be ensured by interactive lectures in which the audience not only sit passively in front of the screen, but actively participate and work out points with the speaker.

Martin Karl Junghans, Principal HiSolutions AG, shows in his interactive lecture “Instructions for the Emotet Self-Test” how participants can evaluate how susceptible their company is to the Trojan.

Anyone who already knows secIT knows that the content comes first in the editorial presentations. There are no empty phrases or advertising bla-blah. In the end, objective facts count – and there will be plenty of them.

This is ensured, among others, by Stefan Strobel, Managing Director of Cirosec GmbH, who deals critically with the buzzword “Zero Trust”. Is this really the highest level of security, as some AV software providers claim?

Olaf Pursche, CCO AV-Test Institut, and Tobias Schrödel, IT security expert and comedy hacker, take a look at the Trojan front and explain whether Emotet is old hat or still a threat. Here, too, the audience is in demand and the two speakers look forward to questions about current Trojan threats.

Jörg Peine-Paulsen, Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport, explains how companies can be “spied on”.

It is obvious that IT security incidents are increasing rather than decreasing. In the context of this development, does it perhaps make sense to take out cyber insurance for a company? Tobias Wenhart, Managing Director of Finanzchef 24 GmbH, explains what that brings in concrete loss examples in his lecture “Cyber ​​insurance: Risk group IT companies?”.

So that secIT Digital not like a 0815 video conference with bookshelves and clothes horse in the background, the recordings and live switching take place from a professional TV studio with a stage presence.

SecIT Digital builds on the Talque app as a platform. You can easily view the program via the matchmaking platform and plan it individually. It is also possible to contact speakers directly. After each lecture there is a breakout session in which questions can be clarified directly.

Until January 15th a 3-day ticket costs 199 euros instead of 249 euros.


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