Second Dose Coronavirus Vaccines Begin Next Week

Within the scope of coronavirus vaccination studies, the second dose administration of people who have been given the first dose and completed the 28-day waiting period will start next week.

Coronavirus vaccination studies in our country started in January. Firstly On January 13 Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and Scientific Committee members from China Sinovac had the vaccine. Then, on January 14, the priority group health workers were vaccinated.

Sinovac vaccine is administered in two doses and is between the first dose and the second dose. A waiting period of 28 days there is. This 28-day waiting period will expire on Wednesday, February 10 for Minister Koca and members of the Scientific Committee, who were vaccinated on January 13. After that, the waiting periods of 28 days began to expire. healthcare workers will have their second dose of vaccinations. Of course, all citizens whose applications are currently continuing will be able to receive the second dose of vaccines after completing this waiting period.

Vaccination of the group over the age of 65 continues:

Coronavirus vaccine room

In coronavirus vaccination studies, a vaccine program has been created according to priority groups and is currently Vaccination of the risk group over the age of 65 continues. Afterwards, the second group will be passed and this group, including teachers, will be vaccinated.

As of February 7 in total in Turkey 2 million 612 thousand 224 people coronavirus vaccine was administered. The province with the most vaccination is currently Istanbul with 442 thousand 719 people. Ankara is followed by Ankara with 238,811 people and ─░zmir with 172,662 people.


It May Take 7 Years to Gain Global Immunization Against COVID-19

People in the groups whose turn under the coronavirus vaccine program Via e-Pulse system They need to check their priority status and create a record in the MHRS system for vaccination. Detailed information for coronavirus vaccine studies and vaccine registration here You can follow the Ministry of Health Covid-19 Vaccine Information Platform by clicking.

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