Security checklists: the right steps for more security


As you read these lines, millions of hacker attacks are taking place around the world. At this moment, a bot may be trying to get into your mail account with captured access data or to take over your Facebook account. Your router may also be under fire or a banking Trojan is waiting for you to make a transfer. Those who take danger lightly are easy prey.

Because the cyber gangs target not only high-level targets like government organizations, but each and every one of us. And the argument “I have nothing to get anyway” no longer counts: Even an outdated smart home center is still good enough for attackers to abuse it as a bot and thus to further systems around the world infect. First of all, you have the trouble, because the follow-up attacks start from your IP address.

The good news is that you can do something about it. And that with little effort. IT security is a complex field, but the most important defense measures against hackers are so simple that anyone can – and should – implement them. We have compiled the basic steps for securing computers, smartphones, WiFi routers, social media accounts and much more in our security checklists for you. As a rule, it doesn’t take longer than five minutes to go through a checklist and, if necessary, improve it. You will also learn how you can prevent the next data loss with Trojan-safe backups and what makes a secure password. If you take the tips in this booklet to heart, you will be immune to the most common cyber attacks.

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