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Seismic’s “fall release” comes at a time when the B2B sales environment is becoming more and more complex. According to Forrester, the average number of interactions between the sales representative and the customer is 27. A total of eleven people influence the final purchase decision. The new enhancements to the Seismic platform aim to speed up the buying process despite these complex conditions. In addition, the go-to-market teams can continue to use the “digital sales rooms” in every phase of the customer journey and relationship building – from onboarding to ongoing customer support – and thus keep all people, content and context up to date in one place keep.

Sales Cycle: How sales teams connect with buyers

“The focus of the next wave of enablement is on interacting with customers the way they want. It’s about how, when and where the customer wants to be addressed and about offering a comprehensive and personalized shopping experience. Digital sales rooms play a key role here by providing easy access to all relevant content in one place, ”explains Doug Winter, Co-Founder and CEO of Seismic. “With the comprehensive Seismic Enablement Platform, sales teams can successfully engage with potential buyers. Always at the right time, in the right place and across all channels – from social media to e-mail or SMS to interactive content. And now there is also the possibility of collaboration in the digital sales room. ”

In the new, now available Digital Sales Rooms, buyers and sales staff can collaborate and exchange ideas throughout the sales cycle. Both sides can comment, tag, ask questions, and post emoji reactions. The new features build on Seismic’s existing engagement tools, such as SMS and dynamic email templates. These tools allow go-to-market teams to reach new and existing customers wherever they are. They benefit from the analytics functions and insights that sales teams value in the Seismic solution.

Link between employees in sales and customers

“We use the new digital sales rooms from Seismic as a link between our sales experts and our customers. It’s a much more effective and innovative way of engaging shoppers because the conversation is held from one place throughout the buying process, ”said Matt Bennett, director of revenue acceleration at Pros.

The announcement of the new product follows the Takeover of Lessonly, a software solution for training and coaching that is now available as Lessonly by Seismic. With the takeover, Seismic now also offers its own training and coaching and thus the most powerful platform for sales enablement on the market.

Integration of Seismic in HubSpot CRM

By integrating Seismic into the HubSpot Sales Hub Sales teams get access to smart content recommendations. You can use data from HubSpot and Seismic to create targeted action plans for the sales cycle. This leads to more personalized interactions and engagement with the customer. So far, Seismic is the only platform on the market that offers ready-to-use integration with HubSpot Sales Hub.

Seismic is a provider of sales enablement solutions for sales and marketing that optimize the interaction of the go-to-market teams in the sales cycle. In this way, both teams can interact with customers and prospects and together create a customer experience that drives company growth. Seismic’s Storytelling Platform offers marketers innovative ways to orchestrate content delivery across all channels. (sg)

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