Sensors at the airport are supposed to monitor the distance between passengers


At Stuttgart Airport, the distance between passengers is measured with sensors to protect against corona infections. Overcrowded places in the building can be identified and new routes planned as a result, and sources of infection should also be prevented in this way. “We can already see that the passengers are sticking to the markings on the ground,” said Riccarda Mark from the airport. Despite the rules, the prescribed distance is not always maintained in the building, for example when checking passengers before the flight.

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The airport has been using the majority of the 140 sensors for a number of years – they are actually used to improve waiting times at security checks. Technicians have modified the devices. New software now shows a person’s location on computers with an accuracy of eight inches, said a spokesman.

The system was developed by a Swiss company that uses the data to create an overview map with places where passengers at the airport particularly get in each other’s way. The program can calculate the average distance of all passengers in the entire airport.

The airport has no concerns about data protection: “No personal information is recorded on the sensor – all people only appear as an anonymous point.” According to the Swiss company, the airport is one of the first in Europe to use this technology.


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