Serious Charges Against Vatan Bilgisayar: Investigation Started


A Vatan Bilgisayar customer announced that a mining system was installed on his computer, which he sent to guarantee in his post on Twitter.

Vatan Bilgisayar, one of Turkey’s largest electronics retail chains, came to the fore today with a striking claim of one of its customers. Vatan Computer customer Alper Kahveci stated that he gave his computer a guarantee in his post on Twitter, transactions made without permission conveyed. The alleged transactions were not small at all.

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According to Alper Kahveci’s claim, the computer given under warranty cryptocurrency mining system was established. However, the employee at the service can use the computer under warranty. Adult videos on YouTube followed. Evidence of these videos on Google Chrome was removed with the deletion of Chrome history.

So, where did the customer get this information from?


Claiming that striking transactions were made on the computer he sent to the guarantee, Alper Kahveci said that this computer was equipped with antivirus and security Bitdefender’s He announced that he acquired it thanks to its premium service. Since the process is done without an administrator login on the coffeemaker’s computer, these processes deletion not allowed said that.

Vatan Computer’s description:


After Alper Kahveci’s posts, Vatan Bilgisayar made a statement about the incident. In the statement, the manager of the relevant store, the regional manager and the human resources department should be the first thing to do. will investigate the specified. After this, it was stated that they would return to Ahmet Kahveci regarding the incident through a search.

After the allegations, many Twitter users reacted against Vatan Bilgisayar. If it’s Ahmet Kahveci will take it to court stated. We will keep you informed of new developments regarding the event.