Server located in Germany: T-Systems works with OVHcloud on the EU cloud

Together, T-Systems and OVHcloud want to bring a public cloud platform onto the market. As a Gaia-X project, it should primarily be characterized by GDPR conformity. Both providers have the public sector in mind as customers, but also infrastructure operators and companies of various sizes.

A few details are already known about the technical implementation: The offer should be based on the free Openstack architecture and use water-cooled servers from OVHcloud, which should offer good energy efficiency. T-Systems is to contribute the network infrastructure, and it is also planned that the systems of the French partner will run in Telekom data centers in Germany.

Michel Paulin, CEO at OVHcloud, emphasizes that the offering will be completely independent of the Cloud Act. The sovereign public cloud should guarantee a high degree of openness and transparency as well as data sovereignty, protection and security in Europe, like T-Systems in the press release promises.

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The question of US service providers’ access to their data is once again more emphatic for public institutions and companies after the end of the Privacy Shield. With Gaia-X, France and Germany want to counter the dominance of the US giants with a European cloud alternative. The offer from T-Systems and OVHcloud is scheduled to start in early 2021.

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