Set photos from Resident Evil movie

Successive photos from the set of the Resident Evil movie started to be shared. When we look at these visuals, we understand that we will see a production that is very loyal to the game.

One of the films that have been shot consecutively in recent years Resident Evil it will be. The team behind the new movie wants the movie to be as close to games as possible. As a result of this view, the sets were arranged to resemble the scenes in the play.

When we look at the incoming images Resident Evil 2’we also see Raccoon City, it will be reflected on the big screen without a big change. In fact, there is a very serious work in question to fully reflect the atmosphere of the game.

Return to iconic places

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Photos of the best known places in the Resident Evil series have also started to be shared. In this set photos Kendo’s Gun Shop and famous shops like Emmy’s Diner appear. Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2, Emmy’s Dinner It was the first time he was attacked by zombies. Fortunately, rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy saved his life.

Kendo’s Gun Shop is the friend of the character named Barry Burton in the first game. Robert Kendo It was a gun shop run by This shop, which we visited throughout the series, was one of our most important places.


Netflix adaptation Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer arrives

When we look at the information received so far, the production in general RE2ye we see you focus. However, the cast of the movie also includes the characters from the first game. In the cast of the movie Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine ve Albert Wesker There are characters who are wondering how to be together.

More characters will come from Resident Evil 1

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Resident Evil Village Can Also Be Released For Current Generation Consoles

In the new movie Resident Evil 1It is alleged that another character coming from ‘will be Lisa Trevor. The story of this character was associated with the mansion in the first game. Naturally Trevor Raccoon City’ye How they will bring a question.

Capcom’un production inspired by the popular horror thriller game, In 2021 will be released. The exact release date or script of the movie has not been announced yet. Let’s see what the company will explain about this.

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