Shares of Famous Names About Forest Fires

Turkey’s forest fires, which could not be brought under control for days, drew a great reaction both in our country and in the world. Many world-famous names drew attention to forest fires with their posts sharing Turkey’s pain.

The forest fires, which started in our country last week for various reasons and reached terrible dimensions, are unfortunately still continuing. The number of cities affected by the fires exceeded 20 and tens of forest areas in these cities have been severely damaged. The fires, in which adequate intervention could not be made, were covered by the headlines of “Turkey is on fire” in the Turkish and world press.

Most of the fires, in which we lost and lost countless plants and creatures, took place in the forests of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. In the fires that continue and reach the city centers The death toll rose to 5 today. There was also a reaction from world-famous artists and content producers to Turkey’s burning.

Reactions from the world to forest fires in Turkey

Forest fire

World-famous names, who shared the pain of the fires that burned many of our forests and still cannot be controlled, shared their support on social media. “Our prayers are with Turkey”, “Turkey is on fire” The names who shared with their expressions called on their followers to support the disaster. Here are some of the world-famous names about the fires:

Dua Lipa: “I am with you Turkey”

dua lipa

“Our poor planet is crying. When will we see that climate change is real? We have to face the facts. We must protect our mother. I’m with you Turkey.”

Coming Lele Pons phenomena:

lele pons

“You deserve better Turkey”

American model Bella Hadid:

bella hadid

“God, this is unbearably sad. I pray for Turkey’s land and its creatures. I love Turkey very much.”

Cruz Becham, son of David and Victoria Becham:

becham cross

Alexander Rybak, who made Norway the Eurovision winner in 2009:

alexander rybak

“I don’t know why my posts about Turkey are disappearing. We are still praying.”

Lewis Hamilton, who left his mark on F1 2021:

lewis hamilton

“I pray for Turkey and our planet.”

Italian actor Michele Morrone:

michele morrone

“I am near Turkey. This will be over soon.”

American Instagram model Alexis Ren:

alexis ren

Teen Wolf’un Lydia Martin’i Holland Roden:

holland roden


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“My heart. It is breaking for Turkey.”

Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski:

Francisco Lachowski