Sharing a GTA 6 Release Date from a Hip Hop Band


New allegations have emerged about GTA 6, which has been exposed to different leaks for a while. City Morgue, a Hip Hop group, shared a picture of their collaboration with Rockstar on Instagram. The group pointed out the next summer as a date.

One of the most popular game series in the world, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), the latest game GTA 5, was released on September 17, 2013 about 6 years ago. Rockstar, who went through a long rest for the GTA series after the last game, apparently kept this silence In a very short time To disrupt.

I need it for a while Rockstar’s job posting and thanks to the sharing of different sources, we were learning hints about GTA 6. In the last incident, a Hip Hop band City morguePosted an Instagram account on the release date of the game. In the group's post on Instagram, for collaborations with Rockstar next summer was pointed.

The group's excitement from Instagram:

GTA 6 release date

If you say, nasıl How does a Hip Hop band know the release date of GTA 6? in-game music undertakes. A user "Is it real?" on the question "Yeah" Righteous P replied, “Coming soon,” he said when the collaboration would be announced.

At this stage, Hip Hop group City Morgue's image görsel Summer 2020 ”by writing, sharing with Rockstar another cooperation may be pointing. As such, we do not know clearly whether the sharing deals with GTA 6 or another partnership. At this point, we can assume that the group can give more detailed explanations on the subject in the following days.


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GTA 5, which is one of the most active games on Steam, is no longer attracting many players with scenario mode. online mode is still much more popular. The ongoing success of the game makes Rockstar very comfortable for the new game. Finally, it is not known when GTA 6 will arrive, but we will follow all the developments in this process.