She Was A Trans Man She Wants To Be A Woman Again


Deciding to become a trans man at the age of 19, Issa Ismail realized that she wanted to be a woman again when she turned 26. Issa, who stopped hormone therapy, said that she did not think she could be a woman again.

Trans people themselves they want to see to access the body hormone therapy, sex reassignment surgery they use ways. Although gender reassignment surgery is easier today with the development of technology and the medical sector, it is not suitable for individuals who have undergone the operation. still pretty tough. Trans individuals who have gone through this process generally feel themselves that they do not feel that they belong to the body they are in He begins this process by saying

transgender people, mostly years of hormone therapy sees and many times on the operating table lies. However, as if the difficulty of this whole process they went through was not enough, they also experienced in many countries in the social and business environment they entered due to this change. great difficulties they live. Considering this whole process, although it is a very tiring process, those who choose to endure this process rather than living in a body that they do not feel belong to. millions of transgender people where.

He had been transgendered as a trans man; now she wants to be a woman again


Issa Ismail, who lives in Detroit, Michigan, Becoming a 19-year-old transgender man decided. To change your gender He used testosterone hormone for 6 years and in 2016 she had her breasts removed. With the help of hormones a deeper voice, beard, and masculine muscle development he had.

“I realized that I should listen to myself”



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After all the process he went through and the change he went through realizing that you are not happy as a man Issa, He’s depressed. After her third or fourth anniversary, her depression worsened. At the age of 26, Issa She decided to become a woman again. She stopped hormone therapy. He experienced some kind of enlightenment and after that for the rest of his life. Doesn’t have to use hormones for experiencing great relief told. After all these processes, Issa, who has difficulties in terms of her sexual identity and the change she will experience, to help people He says he hopes.

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