SHIB valued twice as much in 24 hours with Musk’s tweet


Elon Musk, who threw Dogecoin into space with his tweets, shared a small Tweet, this time affecting a different cryptocurrency. With this Tweet, the price of Shiba Inu (SHUB), known as puppy DOGE, was valued more than twice.

We wouldn’t be wrong to say that the crypto money market has been going through its strangest periods lately. Already a loved one on social media Elon Muskonce in a while in recent months Dogecoin by sending or sharing Tweets directly about the volume, which emerged as a joke today, exceeded $ 0.70.

Thousands of people who participated in the Dogecoin journey with Elon Musk multiplied their money as the value of the unit increased. This morning, a new and similar cryptocurrency has joined the Dogecoin booms that have lasted for months. This unit is known as “baby DOGE” in the internet world. Shiba Inu (SHIB) idi. SHIB, son 24 saatte 235% increase in value lived.

Unit folding again a Musk Tweet:

shiba inu

The factor that caused the Shiba Inu’s price to fold was again an Elon Musk Tweet. Elon Musk, UN Special Representative for Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investments Hiro Mizuno’nun answered the sharing. Mizuno, in his share “Investors are short term Shiba coin’leri If they prefer to buy and sell, it’s okay. But don’t even think about doing the same with Shiba dogs. Once you adopt, you have to keep them in good shape throughout their lives. They are cute animals and human friends.”Gave place to expressions.

Elon Musk’s response to this Tweet is only “I’m looking for a Shiba puppy!”Was in the form. Following this Tweet, the plow of May 7 was posted at 9:14, the process of appreciation in SHIB began. After 24 hours, there was a twice-more appreciation. The market volume of the unit is almost 1000% increase by living, it reached 1 million 665 thousand 225 dollars.


Investment Strategy Indicating the Current Rise and Possible Failure of DOGE

The reason why Shiba Inu gained so much value with a simple Tweet was of course what happened with Dogecoin. Many followers of Elon Musk are also at SHIB, after Dogecoin, which has been valued thousands of times in a few months. similar valuation expectation entered into it. Of course, it is not possible to predict whether this valuation will occur or not, due to the nature of the unit.

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