Showdown's PS4 Release Date Announced


The release date of Crytek's horror-themed multiplayer bounty hunt game Hunt: Showdown to PlayStation 4 has been announced. The game can also be played between consoles and computers, an update will be released for this purpose.

Crytek It is known as a game company with productions that have achieved great success. From the company Hunter: Showdown is also regarded as one of the successful productions. the steamer The game, which entered early access in February 2018, was added to the Xbox Game Preview in March 2019. The full version of both versions came out late last year.

The game is now PlayStation 4Is coming to. Moreover, the game will also allow PlayStation users to match up with people playing from other platforms.

Hunt: What kind of game is Showdown?

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Hunter: the Showdown As in a Battle Royale game, we go on an adventure alone or with teams of 2 or 3 players. Our goal in the game is to 12 players to be the most successful. As we eliminate our opponents, we collect the clues and bossto kill the creature we can say.


Crytek Plans to Develop a New AAA Game Using SpatialOS

Game, PlayStation 4 platform February 18Will come in. The game is only in the first stage PlayStation will have a structure that players can play among themselves. Each player will be able to play against each other with future updates.

New platform, new content

hunt: showdown


Crytek's Warface Turkey Server Shutting down (Players Response)

PlayStation 4 with description Crytek he also shared some clues about new things coming to the game. For example, with the version 1.2 update of the game, 3-person random teams can be established. The educational part of the game will improve, some errors will be fixed and its performance will be increased.

Also new to the game Legendary HuntersItems and weapons will also be added. Later this year, players will be able to play alone PvE mode. In addition, features such as event costumes, image customization, and a new map will be added to the game.

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