ShowHeroes Group appoints Eric Shih to the Executive Board


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Renowned industry expert Eric Shih will be driving the global expansion of the ShowHeroes Group as a consultant and member of the Board of Directors.

The ShowHeroes Group, provider of digital video solutions for advertisers and publishers, has appointed former Teads executive Eric Shih as global advisor and member of its board of directors. In this position, Shih will strategically drive the continued expansion of ShowHeroes Group’s video targeting and content solutions in international markets including the United States and Latin America. At the same time, the renowned industry expert will use his 18 years of experience on both the advertiser and publisher side in the entire video ecosystem to expand profitable customer and partnership relationships and to further optimize strategic product advice.

Further expansion of ShowHeroes in Europe and the USA

With the appointment of Eric Shih, the ShowHeroes Group once again underscores its global ambitions to extend its growing business success beyond Europe to the video markets in America. Shift’s appointment follows a series of high-profile mergers and acquisitions by the company, including last month’s acquisition of smartclip Latam, a video solutions provider in the Latin American market. Eric Shih will work closely with Joseph Lospalluto, Country Manager US and former EVP Americas at Smart Adserver, who is leading the ShowHeroes Group’s US expansion with offices in New York City, Denver and Miami.

“We are pleased to have engaged Eric as a global advisor and member of the Board of Directors at this pivotal moment in growth,” said Ilhan Zengin, CEO of ShowHeroes Group. “One thing is clear: the best semantic engine is useless if you don’t have content that serves as ‘fuel’. And that’s exactly what Eric has long since recognized in his many years of successful work at Teads. He sees the difference ShowHeroes Group can make with their unique combination of semantic targeting technologies and content production. Eric can also draw on excellent industry contacts to anchor this message in the markets with a special focus on America.”

Video monetization and production expertise

Eric Shih adds: “With the high global demand for video and CTV solutions in our industry, the ShowHeroes Group has enormous potential for growth. The company’s major differentiator is its turnkey production and studio offering. This allows publishers to easily launch and distribute original video content with advertiser monetization built in. ShowHeroes Group’s products are removing a key barrier to video adoption – and I look forward to bringing ShowHeroes Group to the global stage.”

Use the possibilities of targeting and video production

For the global marketing of the extensive ShowHeroes Group product range including the advanced semantic possibilities of targeting and original video production, Eric Shih draws on his great expertise in the areas of video monetization, distribution and production. Prior to joining ShowHeroes Group, Shih served as Chief Growth Officer for Lasso, the leading healthcare marketing and analytics platform, based in New York City.

Previously, during his eight years as Chief Supply Officer at Teads, he led publisher acquisitions in 30 countries and was responsible for strategic partnerships with Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Shih began his career in a variety of senior business development positions at leading US cable television networks, including Scripps Networks (now Discovery Communications) and A&E Networks, among others. Eric Shih holds a BA in Economics and Psychology from Georgetown University and an MA in Music Economics from New York University.

the ShowHeroes Group is a provider of video solutions for digital publishers and advertisers. The company was founded in 2016 by Ilhan Zengin, Mario Tiedemann and Dennis Kirschner with headquarters in Berlin and employs more than 330 people at 28 locations in Europe, Latin America and the USA. (sg)

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