Siri Releases Offline Playback Feature on Apple Watch

Spotify made smart watch lovers happy with its new update for Apple Watch users. Thanks to this update, users will now be able to wear Spotify on their wrists.

Spotify has been renamed recently with the updates it has made. frequently It has been mentioned. If the company’s last update Apple Watch It seems to please its users, because with this update, the Spotify application can now be installed on Apple Watch. In this way, users much more comfortable somehow they will be able to access the content they love.

What does this application offer to users?

Thanks to this update offered by Spotify for Apple Watch users, users can, without touching their phones They will be able to easily open and listen to their favorite music and other content. In addition, Spotify Premium users can download content directly. Download it on your Apple Watch They will be able to use it when they do not have access to the phone. In addition to these, thanks to the Spotify Connect service, you can also download your songs played on your other devices. from the hour you will be able to control it easily.

Requirements to Use the Application:

  • Apple Watch 3rd Generation or higher Apple Watch
  • WatchOS 6.0 or above operating system but Spotify recommends 7.1 and above in a statement
  • Stable WiFi or mobile data connection
  • Spotify account

In order to use these new features on your Apple Watch, your iPhone must also be on the most up-to-date version and your Spotify application must be up to date.

To download your playlists to Apple Watch:

  • Find your content you want to download
  • Press the ellipses (…) next to the content and select “Download to Apple Watch”
  • Once the download has started, you can track the download from your Apple Watch.
  • When the content you selected lands, you will see a green arrow next to it, just like Spotify’s mobile app.

After these steps, you can connect your headset and start enjoying your content.

In addition, thanks to the new Siri integrations that come with this update, Siri can now like your songs for you, control the volume and skip to the next or previous song. In addition to all these, the voice assistant can even play your Weekly Discovery list for you.


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All these features are available for Apple Watch users. If you use an Apple Watch and want to try these features, don’t forget to update your Spotify app.

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