Siri to share health problems with users in 2021


Apple continues to work on mobile health. Until 2021, the company will be able to comment on the health of users through its virtual assistant, Siri, and try to identify any health problems in advance.

According to a recent report, Apple's artificially intelligent virtual assistant, Siri's ability to talk about users' health problems, will come with several innovations planned for Siri in the fall of 2021. Based on leaked documents, The Guardian says Apple is planning a series of new features for its virtual assistant. These will include built-in machine translation and support for an interestingly undefined new Siri hardware.

Part of the health talk is particularly remarkable. A new report, published in Npj Digital Medicine magazine, commissioned AI assistants who best answer questions about drugs. Researchers revealed that Google Now understands 92% of drugs, 58% of Siri, and 55% of Alexa's names. Siri and Alexa showed better performance than Google Now in understanding drug names in different accents.

The company will continue to focus on health

It's a big mistake to wait for Siri to replace your doctor, but Apple has shown great interest in mobile health, especially as seen in the latest Apple Watch. In 2018, for example, an ECG was launched for Apple Watch to detect signs of atrial fibrillation that could lead to life-threatening complications such as stroke and cardiac arrest. Tim Cook, CEO, Apple's health will also be passed on as a legacy, he said.


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In addition to Siri’s health features, the report describes several changes to the virtual assistant on separate iOS 13. These features include Find My Friends, App Store, and Siri support for song identification on Apple Watch.