Sitting in style or completely offline: three products for a better home office


Even the best office chair can only sit comfortably. The only thing that helps against typical office complaints in the long term, however, is exercise – especially while sitting. The Beyou Chair company wants to make this possible: Their seating furniture allows ten different ways of sitting, lounging, crouching or lying on it and can be transformed from one shape to the other with a few quick movements. Sometimes a classic office chair, sometimes a laptop workstation or chaise longue – if the backrest and the side wings are folded and rotated, a new seat variant results with each adjustment.

The developers describe themselves as a group of young people who know something about sitting – and who obviously appreciate classic design, because the Beyou Chair is evidently inspired by the Eames Lounge Chair. It will be delivered via Indigogo from October this year. It comes in a flat cardboard box and then has to be assembled by yourself.

product: Beyou Chair Manufacturer: Beyou Chair Price: from 290 euros

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More from MIT Technology Review

Movement and desk work don’t have to be a contradiction in terms. With an exercise bike that fits under the table, legwork and mental work can be combined: the DeskCycle 2 measures just 60 by 50 centimeters and the height of the pedals can be adjusted between 22.9 and 25.4 centimeters according to body size. Thanks to the Velcro fasteners on the pedals, the shoe size does not matter. The pedal resistance can be adjusted to eight levels on the rear stand.

In order to be able to follow the training successes at the desk, the display can be removed and thus the training time, distance, speed and the calories consumed can be tracked from the desk top. And if you have kicked enough in the evening and still want to exercise your arms, simply put the DeskCycle on the table and pick up the pedals.

Product: DeskCycle 2 Manufacturer: 3D Innovations, LLC Price: that. 200 Euro

The writer Evgeny Morozov claims that if he wants to concentrate on reading and working, he locks his mobile phone in a safe with a time lock. During these times he only works with pen and paper.

You can now imitate it, even if you don’t have a safe at home – for example with the Focusera box. It’s not as stable as a safe, but scores with an elegant design and is made of sustainable bamboo.

Product: Focusera Box Manufacturer: Focusera Price: 39,99 Euro


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