Smart TVs, high-end graphics cards and emails | c’t uplink # 35.4


There are fresh graphics cards! Nvidia has presented the 3000 series and AMD has followed suit with Big Navi. Getting to it is difficult because the tickets are sold out in stores. Carsten Spille knows whether AMD was able to catch up with Nvidia for years. He can also explain why you can hardly get the new hardware – and whether that might change again by Christmas.

At the end of the year c’t is testing televisions again. Ulrike Kuhlmann has looked at fresh flicker boxes. These include not only function-filled smart TVs, but also a very stupid device. The dumb TV is very cheap, but still not a bargain. We explain in detail who is which model is worthwhile and why a device without network functions is often the worst choice.

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Few things have been declared dead as often as email. She’s still alive. Sylvester Tremmel knows how to (regain) control of his e-mail inbox. He and his colleagues also looked at email clients. These include not only the usual suspects such as Thunderbird or Outlook, but also more exotic variants for software developers.

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