Smartphone Parts Exempt From Import Surveillance Application


Official today’s issue of the newspaper, opened the way for Turkey into the future of smart phones for the production company. The state exempted the disassembled parts to be used in smart phone production from the import surveillance application. In this way, producers will be saved from extra costs.

Turkey, 2021 In Chinese smartphone manufacturers favorite it looks like it will happen. In this context, the OPPO and Samsung already announced will produce in Turkey. Later, in a statement Xiaomimi also learned to produce smartphones in Turkey. A new development took place as companies continued their work in factories. Official newspaperWith a regulation published in, the way was opened for companies to reduce their costs.

The state, in order to protect the domestic producers and to prevent tax losses while importing, “surveillance applicationThe system was activated for products with a price of less than $ 5 and incurred extra costs for the importer. exempted.

Each disassembled part to be used in smartphone production will be excluded from the surveillance application.

Smart phone

According to the regulation published in the Official Gazette, the motherboard string to be used in the production of smart phones incomplete and demonte All products that are in operation will be excluded from the surveillance application. Thus, smartphone manufacturers are responsible for all parts they will have to import while producing phones. at extra cost they will be saved.


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