Smartphone: Xiaomi introduces third generation of concealed front cameras


Xiaomi has presented the third generation of its front cameras, which are completely hidden under the smartphone display. On the Chinese short message service Weibo, the company has uploaded a videothat the function shows. There is also one longer text in Mandarinwhich explains the progress compared to the previous versions.

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While the image quality of the predecessors of the front camera hidden under the display suffered, this problem should no longer exist. In addition, the display in the area of ​​the camera should have a much better resolution than before.

Until now, large parts of the display above the camera installed behind it had to remain free of pixels to allow light to pass through to the camera. Xiaomi explains this in a simplified way that one of four screen pixels was used to display content, while the remaining three let light through for the camera below. In the area of ​​the camera, this leads to a display with less good resolution, which clearly stands out from the neighboring high-resolution main screen.

All pixels of the display are used for content

The new, third generation of the technology uses all display pixels to display content, and the area above the camera should be correspondingly high-resolution. Light for the camera reaches the camera through the wider spaces between the pixels, which should be enough for a photo. Software algorithms should also improve the image quality.

According to Xiaomi, the camera technology should be mature enough to go into mass production. However, the manufacturer did not say when the first Xiaomi smartphones with a front camera completely hidden behind the display will come onto the market.

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