Smartphones: Apple wants to build its own 5G antenna for the next iPhone


It seems that Apple wants to build its own antenna for 5G connections this year. This should be used in an upcoming iPhone. The magazine reports Fast Company and refers to internal and related sources. Qualcomm's QTM-525 module is too large to meet Apple’s expectations. The company will probably be planning a very flat iPhone. However, the antenna layout may also not fit into the board layout of the upcoming Apple smartphone.

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Qualcomm originally wanted to produce the QTM 525 for Apple's upcoming generation of phones. The company uses the same design for the Snapdragon X55, which is designed for 5G and will be used in the upcoming Galaxy S20 from Samsung, for example. The Snapdragon processor is also used in network hardware from manufacturers like Netgear and Nokia.

The QTM 525 is designed for 5G frequencies up to 6 GHz. Apple's own design should also meet this standard. It is a challenge to manufacture antennas as precisely as possible. High frequencies do not allow large tolerances in the design and production errors should therefore be kept as low as possible. According to the Fast Company, the 5G iPhone should be an opportunity for Apple to drive sales of the smartphone again and to record greater growth. This also presupposes that 5G itself is widespread by then. So far, it is still a niche for end customers.

Don't forget Antennagate

Apple's custom-built antenna in 2010 caused the iPhone 4 to have reception problems and users could easily disrupt the signal with the palm of their hand. was also able to reproduce this effect. The antenna gate led to ridicule in the community and Apple's need for explanation. The sentence "You are holding it wrong" is still used sporadically today when users want to make fun of the company.

Apple apparently still keeps the option open, but to switch to Qualcomm's modem, as Fastcompany reports. It therefore seems unlikely that the mistakes made ten years ago will be repeated.

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