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  • Like the new one Report “Entrepreneurs: Inside the Future – SME Report Germany 2021” from Amazon shows, in 2020 more than 1,000 German SMEs achieved sales of more than one million euros for the first time through sales on Amazon.
  • ÜVia the free digital knowledge portal “Quickstart Online” More than 10,000 SMEs received start-up help in getting started with online sales.

Amazon has now presented the report “Entrepreneurs of the Future – SME Report Germany 2021”. The study shows that German small and medium-sized companies have so far created more than 150,000 jobs in Germany and a further 5,000 abroad by selling on Amazon. Have throughout Europe Sales partners from all over Europe 550,000 jobs created. The report also provides a number of key figures for the 2020 calendar year. More than 40,000 SMEs based in Germany are represented on Amazon. Their average turnover is 450,000 euros (previous year: 350,000 euros).

1,000 SMEs achieve a turnover of over one million euros for the first time

This positive development was noticeable not only in total, but also for the individual sales partners: More than 15,000 German SMEs who sold on Amazon achieved sales of more than 100,000 euros for the first time last year, more than 1,000 SMEs even generated more than one million euros in sales for the first time. Exports, an important topic for many sales partners, achieved a total turnover of 3.75 billion euros in 2020.

In total, small and medium-sized companies from Germany sold more than 650 million products on Amazon, a total of more than 1,200 products per minute: they sold best in the categories of household, clothing, health & personal care, sporting goods and toys. They exported most frequently in the household, wireless, toy, sporting goods, and health & personal care segments. The sales partners come from all federal states: in North Rhine-Westphalia alone there were more than 10,000, around 8,000 in Bavaria and more than 5,500 in Baden-Württemberg. The highest export sales through sales on Amazon were achieved by SMEs from North Rhine-Westphalia with a total of around one billion euros.

SMBs can offer customers a great shopping experience

“Every day we work with thousands of small and medium-sized companies and support them in developing their business internationally,” says Xavier Flamand, Director EU Seller Services at Amazon. “These companies can quickly and easily sell their products online with us and get in touch with millions of customers worldwide. We will continue to work to enable these small and medium-sized businesses to offer their customers a great shopping experience. ”

“We would like to continue the success story of SMEs at Amazon and open up new opportunities in online trading for other entrepreneurs – that’s why, following our knowledge portal ‘Quickstart Online’ last year, we also launched our ‘Entrepreneur of the Future’ podcast, which gives them the opportunity gives us the opportunity to learn from successful role models, ”explains Dr. Markus Schöberl, Director Seller Services Germany at Amazon.

“Thanks to our brand shop on the Amazon Marketplace, we were able to increase our revenues in 2020 during the pandemic and even create jobs,” says Richard Badal, owner and managing director of Pentagon Sports GmbH & Co. KG, a company in Ellwangen, Baden-Württemberg Manufactures bicycle and leisure items. “Amazon has proven to be a reliable partner who has given us enormous support as a medium-sized company with a large customer base and numerous advertising campaigns.”

Amazon invests in logistics, tools and training

In 2020, Amazon invested around 2.8 billion euros in Europe alone in logistics, tools, services, training and programs to help small and medium-sized businesses run successful businesses. In addition, more than 250 new tools and services were made available to support SMEs in bringing innovations to market, increasing their sales in Germany, Europe and worldwide, analyzing and optimizing their business and protecting their intellectual property .

With the Amazon Marketplace as well as the associated services, Amazon offers SMEs a cornerstone to build a business online. In addition, Amazon has launched numerous programs and initiatives that benefit small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2020 customers have had the opportunity at “Amazon Small Businesses” to discover products from SMEs – if they like, specifically from their region.

As an additional initiative, the knowledge portal was set up in cooperation with the HDE trade association and the non-profit organization “Dealers Help Dealers” Quickstart online brought to life. The free digital format helps you get started with online sales, whether on Amazon or elsewhere. More than 10,000 SMEs have already been trained here. The podcast on “Entrepreneurs of the Future” around the Amazon Marketplace shows in regular episodes the opportunities for small and medium-sized companies in e-commerce. (sg)

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