Snapdragon 888+ Outperforms Snapdragon 888 in Tests

The power of Qualcomm’s new chipset Snapdragon 888+ has been demonstrated by benchmark tests of Xiaomi’s upcoming phone, Mi Mix 4. Disappointing in the first tests, the chipset outperformed its predecessor, the Snapdragon 888, in subsequent tests.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi on August 10 will launch its new flagship Mi MIX 4. This device will be one of the first smartphones to carry the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chipset. This chipset will take the performance of its devices to the next level; At least that’s what current tests show.

Mi MIX 4 delivered its first benchmark test results yesterday. Geekbench’ten According to the results, the Snapdragon 888+ on the device outperformed the Snapdragon 888 in the multi-core field in the first test. Looking at the general results, the new chipset made a difference to the old one in every field.

Geekbench results of Mi MIX 4 with Snapdragon 888+:

xiaomi mi mix 4

Mi MIX 4 with Snapdragon 888 +, scored 863 points in the first single-core test. In fact, this score lags behind the score of many phones with Snapdragon 888. However, the area where the new chipset made a difference was the multi-core test. The phone, which scored 3181 points in this test, revealed the power of its new brain.

The Snapdragon 888+ was originally expected to surpass the previous chipset in all areas. So these results were kind of a surprise for us. However, Geekbench has more than 20 tests of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4. The results of some of these tests meet the expectations for the chipset.

Best single core test result of Mi MIX 4 with Snapdragon 888+ 1151 points it happened. The result of this test, which was done one day after the first test, in the multi-core field is 3636 points it happened. The Snapdragon 888 could barely pass 1050 points in single-core tests and barely surpassed 3400 in multi-core tests. As a result, the Snapdragon 888+ surpassed its predecessor with a noticeable superiority.

Other information that benchmark tests provide:

snapdragon 888+ benchmark


4 nm Snapdragon 895s will be produced by both Samsung and TSMC

According to the information provided by Geekbench, Snapdragon 888+, which uses a chip with a speed of 3.0 GHz; It has a 3-cluster architecture with 1 Cortex X1 super core, 1 Cortex A78 large core and 1 Cortex A55 core. If Mi MIX 4 Up to 12GB RAM and 256GB internal memory can carry. The device, which has a 5000 mAh battery, allegedly provides 70W or 80W wireless charging support.

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