So far, a good 60 million euros truck scrapping bonus – almost only for diesel


So far, the state has paid out a good 60 million euros in the course of the scrapping premium for trucks. By July 1, 2021, 59.6 million euros for new diesel trucks and a further 2.6 million euros for gas-powered trucks had been requested, according to a response from the federal government to a request from the Green parliamentary group. Accordingly, there were no payments for trucks with an electric drive or with a hydrogen or fuel cell drive. The editorial network Germany (RND, Saturday) had previously reported on the figures.

In November 2020, at a top meeting with business representatives, the federal government announced further aid worth billions in order to carry the German auto industry through the Corona crisis and to accelerate the change to more climate-friendly vehicles. This included a new truck scrapping bonus to get old commercial vehicles off the road and boost sales of newer models.

The plans were badly received by environmentalists because they also promote diesel. The Federal Environment Agency had also criticized the proposal. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) initiated the funding in early 2021.

“The fleet exchange program announced by Andreas Scheuer finally turns out to be a disguised industry promotion for road freight transport”, criticizes Matthias Gastel, transport expert of the Green parliamentary group, according to the RND with a view to the current figures on the promotion.

It is “practically ineffective” for climate protection, since more than 96 percent of the vehicles subsidized are conventional diesel trucks. “Instead of investing in climate protection, 100 percent of the tax money will flow into fossil drive technologies that have no future,” said the politician.


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