Social Distance May Not Be Important in Indoor Spaces


Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology examined how effective social distance is in the fight against coronavirus in closed areas. According to the research, time spent indoors is as important as distance.

One of the concepts that entered our lives with the coronavirus pandemic was social distance. Scientists who continue their activities in the USA within the Massachusetts Instute of Technology (MIT), The fight against Coronavirus wanted to observe whether the recommended concept of social distance for people actually has any effect.

Due to social distance en 1.5 meters (1 average HDMI cable) it is necessary to come together to leave a distance. In MIT’s work, leaving that distance is indeed Covid-19 It was examined whether it had an effect on stopping its spread.

Time is more important than distance

Social Distance

Professor of MIT Martin Bazant, “Our analysis shows us that many areas may be safe to reopen, while others carry significant risk.According to Bazant, one of the leaders of the study, the criterion here is that people are time spent together, ventilation rate, whether masks are worn or not, and other factors.


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Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of AmericaThe time spent indoors among the factors focused on in the article published in air filtration and circulation systemsThe immunity and virus variants seen were examined. Bazant said in his statement that there is actually no need for a restriction on the number of people for many places.

Need to pay attention to the mask

Social Distance


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According to scientists, in an environment where the air is mixed He stated that the 1.5 meter rule provides little benefit against the possibility of air contamination. He stated that social distance also gives a false sense of security. Social distance is especially important in environments where people are not wearing masks and there is air flow.

According to the research, instead of putting a new filtering system in the spaces, put a fan or open a window provides roughly the same effect. It was stated that the time spent indoors could be as important as the distance.