Social Media Platforms That Young People Love Announced


With a new Piper Sandler survey conducted in America, the social media platforms that young people use and love the most have been revealed. According to the survey, young people use Instagram the most and Facebook the least.

Organized biennially in America by Piper Sandler ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ The survey was published. A wide variety of questions were asked in the survey of 10,000 US teenagers. The most widely used and loved social media platforms among young people have been announced.

According to the survey, young people use Instagram from all other social media platforms. more Facebook is en az prefers.

Instagram Is More Widely Used, But Snapchat Is More Popular


According to the survey, the most common application used by young people is 81%. Instagram turned out to be. Other most preferred applications have a rate of 77%. Snapchat and 73% TikTok was determined to be. Of the young people surveyed Only % 27’si Facebook uses. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. At that time, this was considered a move by Facebook to prevent competition. Today’s research shows that whatever the reason, Facebook made the right move. Today, Facebook has become a platform that appeals more to middle-aged people.


Which Social Media Applications AKP, CHP, MHP and Good Party Voters Use Announced

Of course, the fact that an application is used a lot does not mean that it is the most liked. Snapchat with poll %35 with most loved, Facebook %2 with en az It turned out to be a popular app. Other favorite apps of the respondents are %30 ile TikTok, %22 with Instagram. No matter how popular Instagram is today, it seems that it will share a similar fate with Facebook day by day. It gets a lot of reaction with its imitation of the features of other applications and its negative effects on young people. Although it is the most widely used at the moment, the fact that it is not the most popular application can be considered as an indication that its popularity is gradually decreasing.

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