Social Media Platforms Will Limit Content Removal


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro presented a new decree after his content on social media platforms was removed. According to the new decree, these platforms, including YouTube, will have to provide a valid reason before deleting the content.

Certain content of social media platforms – often because they do not comply with their policies – that you removed we’ll see. living in this situation for a long time Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, fed up with the situation, signed a decision to limit social media giants to remove content.

With the said decision, which is expected to clarify the authority of the platforms regarding the content, Bolsonaro frequently uploads content and uses it on a daily basis. YouTube, Instagram platforms such as will have to provide a valid reason and motivation. Although he seems to be suffering from the situation in this regard, Bolsonaro’s contents cannot be said to be very innocent.

What’s wrong with these platforms with Bolsonaro?

Jair Bolsonaro

You may be wondering what happened with Bolsonaro to get these platforms to sign such a decree. That is, Bolsonaro’s removed content actually had a reason. spreading false information This justification, which was cited as the motto, came in response to the assertive statements of Bolsonaro and his supporters that contradicted the scientific world.

Among those making these claims are Brazil’s former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello was also present. pazuello, Corona virus compared to AIDSHe said that the HIV virus and those who contracted the disease still exist, most of them recovered and life continues in this way.

Jair Bolsonaro

In another video, a doctor from Brazil said, hydrochloroquine and ivermectin He recommended his medications for the treatment of COVID-19. The effect of these two drugs against the virus is still a matter of debate around the world. Among the videos that presented false information, there were also videos in which it was claimed that the use of masks was unnecessary. The videos in question have been removed from the platform.


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currently Telegram We will see in time how the decree signed by Bolsonaro, which reaches his fans from platforms such as others, will be put into practice and what kind of results will emerge. You can share your thoughts on the subject in the comment section.

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