Social Media Reactions to the ‘Nine Named’ Dollar

The dollar rose to 9 in its value against the lira today evening. Social media users, who were shocked by the fact that 1 dollar reached 9 liras, again showed their sadness in humorous ways. We have compiled the most prominent ones for you.

The ‘depreciation of the lira against the dollar’, which is among the financial problems most frequently complained about in Turkey in recent years, has reached levels that it has never reached before. The dollar, which gave hope to the citizens until around 6.9 in the summer, rose again above 8 in a short time. Today, it has reached the next figure with a steady climb.

The dollar rose to 9 for the first time in the history of the Turkish economy. From food to sanitary ware, from transportation to technological tools The fact that everything is affected by this situation has created a shock effect on the citizens again. Turkish Twitter users, looking behind the dollar, entered the platform to give their reactions. We have compiled some of them for you.

Reactions from social media to the dollar exceeding 9:

The warning we remember at every milestone reached by the dollar:

dollar 9

Another tax shock to YouTubers

dollar 9

We hope we don’t say the same for the ’10’ level.

dollar 9,