Sofia Vergara Shares Nude Photo for Coffee Day


Famous US actress, model and social media phenomenon Sofia Vergara re-shared her nude photo taken a few years ago for World Coffee Day. The sensational post received around 1 million likes in a short time.

In one of our content we shared with you yesterday, there is a man named Bedirhan Coşkun, who lives in Ordu. nut producer from the disgrace we talked about. This citizen swam among the tons of hazelnuts he collected, and he served those images that he had fun on TikTok. In fact, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which took action after the images reached millions of people, talked about Coşkun. investigation had started. This time, a social media phenomenon created an event similar to the one in Turkey. However, there was a slight difference…

Today is World Coffee Day. As such, the famous American model and actress Sofia vergara, based on the meaning and importance of the day, went in front of the cameras. The famous model, who is originally from Colombia and entered a pile of coffee beans from Colombia naked, shared her social media around 1 million managed to get likes.

Here is Sofia Vergara’s pose for Coffee Day

Those who can’t see the photo here they can click.

Sofia Vergara’s post on Instagram received the kind of comments you can imagine. Many people are interested in sharing, not the coffee beans, but the celebrity. social media phenomenon said that. Others use the coffee beans that Vergara is in. Purchasing He said he wanted it.


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By the way, it should be noted that the photo in question has not been taken recently. US star, pose above from this few years ago, gave again for World Coffee Day. So the post was shared again today…

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