Software licenses: Microsoft takes action against Lizengo with the public prosecutor


At the software dealer Lizengo, the private and office premises of the management were searched by the criminal police last Tuesday. A report from Heise Online Lizengo has partially confirmed. “We confirm that the Cologne public prosecutor’s office is under investigation. Lizengo has been searched as a witness in this connection.”said Dörthe Minde, Lizengo’s lawyer. According to her information, civil proceedings are pending on the matter.

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The Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to that, in the course of the past week, search measures were carried out at an online retailer whose responsible persons and other accused are accused of having sold product keys as licenses for computer programs from a US software manufacturer in markets in 2019, without the buyer having an actual right of use. “During the search, data and data carriers were secured, which now have to be evaluated. In view of the ongoing investigations into fraud, I cannot provide any further information. Names of the accused or companies involved are expressly not confirmed.”, said public prosecutor and press spokesman Christoph Hebbecker.

Of the IT-Handelsfachdienst CRN reported in October 2019 that Microsoft sued the provider Lizengo for selling keys at Edeka, in beverage stores and other sales outlets without valid usage rights.

Microsoft has taken legal action against the Cologne-based company because of the sale of software cards by Lizengo. A statement from the US company states: “A functioning product key is not synonymous with a valid license. Product keys are not licenses, they only serve to enable the customer who has already received a right to use (‘license’) for a computer program to install and activate it . “

A product key for activating Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 that was displayed to a customer after the sale at Edeka belonged to an OEM program from Microsoft for the People’s Republic of China and is not valid abroad. The second product key shown to the same customer was part of a volume licensing agreement concluded on behalf of a university in Bulgaria, Microsoft said.

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