Solvemate launches new customer service channel for WhatsApp – eCommerce Magazin

Solvemate’s chatbot solution can now also be integrated into the WhatsApp messenger service.

The use of messenger apps as a customer service channel is steadily increasing.

More and more companies in Germany are adjusting to customer communication via messenger services and using WhatsApp for their customer service. However, offering this service via messenger programs also leads to a Increase in customer inquiriesbecause companies are easier to contact through these channels than through email. Most of the queries occur repetitively and can be answered automatically by chatbots. For this reason, Solvemate has now optimized its chatbot software for integration into the WhatsApp messenger service.

Chatbots with new personalization features

With the integration in WhatsApp, companies can answer customer inquiries automatically. The users enter a freely formulated text, whereupon the chatbot asks additional specific diagnostic questions. Then he guides the customer to the correct answer like a decision tree. Should the customer ask a more complex question, Solvemate’s software offers Personalization features. This means that even complicated inquiries can be solved automatically, for example the order status can be queried using the order number. In the case of inquiries that still require personal contact, the software automatically forwards all relevant information to the personal customer advisor. This then takes over the matter. This means that 80 percent of all inquiries can be answered automatically and without any loss of quality.

A digital solution also reduces the additional time required by both parties on the one hand, but also on the part of the customer and the company. On the other hand, it reduces the possibility of overloading the customer service agent. The chatbot is integrated in WhatsApp with just a few clicks and does not require any additional IT effort. The chatbot is usually ready to use within a few days after integration.

Avoid overloading customer service agents

“The forms and channels of contact are developing at a rapid pace. Companies also have to keep pace with this pace – not only in order to reach and ultimately win potential customers, but also to keep them in the long term through competent service, ”explains Erik Pfannmöller, founder and CEO of Solvemate. “A possible overload of the customer service staff can and should be prevented by digital solutions. Nevertheless, the quality of the service shouldn’t suffer. AI-based chatbots offer an excellent opportunity to maintain the quality of customer service and at the same time save valuable time on both sides. ”

Solvemates is a technology platform for customer service. By using chatbots, inquiries are automatically resolved in an average of 20 seconds and correctly in 80 percent of all cases. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the chatbot learns quickly and continuously. Customers receive a targeted answer around the clock. Companies can integrate the application on their website without IT effort and benefit from happier customers and lower costs. (sg)

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