Some Details About The Scenario Of The Matrix 4 Leaked

Information obtained from an anonymous source gave some details about the script of the new Matrix movie, which will be released later this year. Even though these are just claims, and the claims do not cover important details, let’s warn you in advance: If you want to stay away from the slightest spoilers and do not even watch the trailer of the movie you are going to watch, we recommend that you do not read the news.

1999 It became one of the most cult series in the history of cinema by releasing its first film in Matrix’in New details about his new movie have leaked. ‘Giant Freakin Robot’ information he claims to have learned from an anonymous source, He covered many details about the scenario of Matrix 4.

What we’ve seen in previous movies Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss This year, Matrix 4, which will include names such as It was announced that it will be released in May.. Then, as with every new movie, the new Matrix movie was delayed due to the pandemic. Postponed to December 22 Although we moved away from the release with the date, the small details about the script were enough to rekindle this excitement.

The last movie will go back 60 years

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Allegedly, Matrix 4, It will take place 60 years after Neo brought peace between humans and machines.. Neo, played by Keanu Reeves; Either he will return to the movie with his appearance in the previous movies, or because of the events in the third movie. will appear as a computer program.

In the film, where the truce between organic and artificial life continues, people who are no longer limited to Zion will begin to return to normal life. Neo’s return will not be very pleasing to the machines. former student of Morpheus, He will return to the Matrix program to search for Trinity. third movie Revolutions’ta Trinity, obviously dead, is on the show. She will appear as a married woman named Tiffany.

It seems that there will be theories about the movie, which has caused speculation before, until its release date. Earlier to April 1, 2022 The postponed film was shot to December 22, 2021 with a new move. Again, if there is no disruption, we will see which of the theories is correct and which is wrong on this date.

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