Some Features of Android 12 Appeared

XDA Developers shared some of the features of Android 12, which we expect the first developer preview to be released soon. Features that are currently under development and may not be included in the stable Android 12 version promise to make phones much smarter.

The company behind Android Googlecontinues to work on the next version of the mobile operating system, and Android 12The first developer preview version of is expected to be released soon. While developers and tech enthusiasts can’t wait to see the innovations that the next Android version will bring, XDA Developer has revealed some of the features Google is working on for Android 12.

According to the information shared by XDA Developers, Google for Android 12 smart auto rotationMany UI changes are planned, as well as new features such as game mode, bright colors reduction. Although many features are known, there is no information about the details and we need to wait for the Android 12 developer preview.

android 12 screenshot

Intelligent auto rotation

Benefiting from the data of gyroscope and accelerometer sensors in smartphones automatic screen rotation Unfortunately, the feature can work annoyingly at times. For this reason, most users keep the automatic screen rotation feature mostly off.

Being aware of this situation, Google will offer the smart automatic rotation feature to the users with Android 12. Android 12 with the feature whose details are currently unknown using the front camera where the user will detect the head positionBy this means, it is predicted that the user will not turn the screen sideways when in an upright position, even if automatic tilt is turned on.

android 12

Game mode

There is almost no information about Android 12’s game mode. Predictions are that the feature in question will be an API that will activate a basic game mode on devices. When the game mode is active brightness will be adjusted automatically, the screen will automatically rotate and Do Not Disturb mode will be activated. However, for now, let’s say that all these are guesses.


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Reduce bright colors

According to shared information ability to reduce bright colorswas developed as an accessibility feature for visually impaired users. Since there is no screenshot of the feature yet, it is not possible to show it comparatively, but it is stated that there will be a short in the quick settings menu for the feature to reduce bright colors.


Tek el modu

One of the biggest problems with smartphones is that the screens are constantly growing, making it impossible to use one-handed. According to the information shared, Google has a built-in Android 12 tek el modu plans to bring a virtual solution to this problem by making it available.

In fact, we have already seen many smartphone manufacturers release their own one-handed mode, and it is predicted that Google will prefer a similar application. In this context, when you activate the one-handed mode, all smart the phone interface will be scaled down to an area that you can access with one hand and capacitive keys will appear at the bottom of the screen. For more details, we need to wait for the Android 12 developer preview release.


These images could be the first screenshots of Android 12

Interface updates

In the screenshots we shared with you last week, it is possible that Android 12 will bring from interface innovations we had the opportunity to look at some of them. XDA Developer has conveyed the last known information about the interface changes and the new information it shared.

Accordingly, Google, Android 12 always-on-display and on the lock screen significant change is planned. It is also stated that there will be interface updates for quick settings, widgets, notification screen, chat bubbles and much more.

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