Some Subterranean Lakes on Mars Are Too Cold to Contain Liquids


NASA has revealed that lakes are much more common on Mars in a new study. However, some of these lakes were in regions that were too cold to contain liquids. While scientists thought that the incoming signals could be a substance other than water, they also stated other reasons that would keep the water warm.

The planet that we always know as a dry and dusty planet, which always reminds us of a desert Mars, He updated this impression with the findings obtained in 2018. A lake filled with water under the surface of Mars, in other words, in surveys from Earth. It was found to be an underground pool.. With a new finding, things started to get interesting.

Detected by radar signals sent from Earth the pool is not alone it came out last year. Recently, surprising information has emerged about this network of lakes. Some of the lakes were in regions that were too cold to contain water in liquid form.

The temperature of the lakes is not of the kind to contain liquids:

mars lake

After the underground lake found in 2018, it was discovered last year that there are many lakes close to each other. These lakes are detected by signals sent from Earth, they appeared as bright regions on the radar. A recent review revealed that these bright areas said to contain liquid are in areas that are too cold to contain liquid. With dozens of new lakes According to the new study, the temperature of the region where some lakes are located is so below freezing point, Even salt water with a lower freezing point needs to freeze.

NASA’s from the jet lab Jeffrey Plautmade the following statements after finding plenty of lakes: “We’re not sure if these signals point to liquid water, but we find that these lakes are much more common than the initial study suggested. Either water is pretty common under Mars’ south pole, or these signals mean something else.”


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Some materials reflect sent radar signals much better than others. Water in liquid form is one of them. The idea that there could be anything other than liquid water here is not dismissed, but experts think water is the best guess for now. The researchers concluded that the fact that the water does not freeze despite the cold region may be present in the region. from geothermal heat flow He says it might be due.

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