Some Tesla Vehicles Reported To Have No Port

The effects of the chip shortage, which has affected the whole world, continue to make itself felt more and more severely with each passing day. After many car manufacturer giants, Tesla, where Elon Musk is the CEO, suffered from the chip shortage.

Chip shortage; It has spread to many areas of technology. Considering that some of BMW’s new models will not have a touchscreen due to chip shortages, and that General Motors (GM) had to give up wireless charging and fuel management module in some of its new vehicles, the dimensions of the chip problem gradually increase. it will get bigger looks like. Cadillac’s Super Cruise feature has also been canceled due to shortages. So long story short, we wouldn’t be wrong if we say that right now is not the best time to buy a new car.

After that, some Tesla usershave reported that their newly purchased Model 3s and Model Ys are missing USB ports. According to the problem that broke out on November 11; located near the center console and rear seats. USB-C portsIn addition, it is also used in wireless chargers of electric vehicles. trouble there seems to be. Tesla, on the other hand, states that the only reason behind this problem is the shortage of chips, which has been affecting the automotive industry for a while.

Customers state that they are not aware of this situation

Tesla Model 3 sees Model Y

Even worse, some customers; Tesla told them that their cars will not have USB ports. you didn’t say claims. If these claims are true, it means users are missing USB ports in their vehicles, what they didn’t know until they saw the vehicle means.


There Are No Vehicles Left to Display in Auto Showrooms Due to the Chip Crisis

Customers who managed to contact Tesla said that the ports from the company in this december got the answer that it might be ready and then they can make an appointment to be mounted. However, this is not a guarantee that the parts will be ready by the said date. This means that the customers who encounter these problems are customers; until the problem is solved can’t even charge their own devices ‘quite expensive wheel battery‘ they are condemned to use.

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