Sony Announces Entry into Drone Industry


Sony announced that it is launching a new project called Airpeak. This project aims to transfer the company’s success in the photography and videography industry to drones. According to the statements made by the company, the first products under the Airpeak project will be released in the spring of 2021.

Japan-based technology giant Sony announced that it has launched a new project. “Airpeak“This project, named as”, represents AI-powered drones and the company’s entry into remote sensing systems. If we consider Sony’s success in the photography industry, Airpeak, drone It can be one of the brands that shape the future of the industry.

According to the statements made by Sony, Airpeak will enable drone technologies to go much further with imaging and detection technologies. Even according to Sony, this progress unseen level it will be. However, the company does not give any secrets about this progress for now. So what the company will do with Airpeak is literally for now. Unknown.

An informative website has been created for Airpeak

Sony Airpeak

Sony has created a website for its entry into the drone industry. Aforementioned on the website According to the information, Sony will release the drones to be produced as part of the Airpeak project in the spring of 2021. This statement provides more recent information on Sony’s new products. in the coming months means we can reach.

We all know Sony’s position in photography and videography. It seems that the company has taken action to transfer its experience in this matter to drones. Because the company especially with the Airpeak project to the entertainment industry He says he will contribute. With this project, Sony is a new addition to drone photography and videos shot with drones. it will bring breathlooks like it will continue to fascinate millions.

Sony Airpeak promotional video

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