Sony Brings Electric Motor Vehicle Vision-S to Tokyo


Sony announced that it brought Vision-S, the electric motor concept vehicle it introduced at CES 2020, to Tokyo. The company says that the prototype’s detection and sound technologies will arrive in Tokyo. The vehicle will land on public roads in Japan and be tested here after the development works.

The automobile industry has been in a great change over the past few years. While companies develop vehicles with electric engines instead of vehicles with internal combustion engines, new names are also included in the sector. For example, Japan-based technology giant Sony. The company announced that it produced an electric motor vehicle within the scope of CES events. “Vision-S“This vehicle, apparently, will hit the road this fiscal year.

Sony, in the statements made within the scope of CES 2020 events, this tool public He said he did not want him to go down the road. The final explanations are made of this idea. It has changed revealing. Because the company announced in their last statement that they brought their electric motor car to Tokyo and that they will improve the detection and sound technologies here. Moreover, Sony, this tool test on public roads voiced.

Sony Vision S

Vision-S, Sony’s electric motor vehicle, has two electric motors, one in the front and one in the back. The power these engines offer 200 kW. The maximum speed of the vehicle, which can reach 100 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds, was announced as 240 kilometers per hour. For now on the second level Vision-S with autonomous driving technologies; lane retention, automatic acceleration and braking features. The company says that the level of autonomous driving will also be increased.


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Perhaps the most accurate word for Vision-S is that this tool is a assistant as it was developed. The reason we say this is because there are 33 different sensors in the vehicle. These sensors are used for the vehicle’s autonomous driving systems as well as environmental recognition and various safety systems. Sony has also made the interior of the electric vehicle fun. The company’s preferred touch screen and audio system is the clearest display comes across as.

Sony Vision-S

Vision-S, the electric motor vehicle of Sony, CES 2020 It became a favorite of its activities. Apparently Sony is pleased with the car’s interest and in order to meet this satisfaction concepts trying to make the vehicle a product. Let’s see if Sony can achieve the success it has achieved in the consumer electronics industry as well in the electric motor car industry.

Video announced by Sony that it will test Vision-S

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