Sony Could Expand PS5 VR Experience With A New Patent

Sony is taking another step in virtual reality technology with a new patent. The technology they aim to use on PlayStation 5 also prepares a suitable environment for virtual reality. With real-time graphics technology, the PS5 VR experience can take on a new dimension.

The head of Sony’s engineering team, Andy Bigos, recently posted on Linked’s profile, “On PlayStation 5 real-time graphics technology to apply machine learning and studies on information operating systems”. In addition, with a new patent that Sony has received, “a computer-generated plan to complete image generation“It turned out to be ready.

The features that distinguish Sony’s new patent for graphics formation can be listed as follows; graphics in games in general gaps and disruptive parts it can happen. Repairing these parts takes time and also requires a great deal of computing power. Sony’s new patent is instead of repairing these gaps. ‘masking’ he’s on his way. With this method, images can be created in a faster time using less computer power. After a while the computer needs to complete a new and different image. becomes able to find the fastest way himself.

PSVR Expectations are growing for PS5:

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Sony’s new patent has similarities with Nvidia’s ‘Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)’ technology, which works in real time to improve the image quality in its graphics. But it seems that Sony will use this technology on PlayStatin 5. PSVR PS5 It also gives signals for


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Virtual reality glasses require much more computing power than traditional monitors to render the graphics. For this reason, every step to be taken to minimize the required computer power is important. This patent from Sony for real-time rendering technology provides exactly that. In the patent itself advantages of using this technology for virtual reality talks a lot. Therefore, it is possible to say that this development is a new preparation for PSVR PS5. As we approach 2022, more information on the subject is expected to emerge.

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