Sony Officially Acquired Bluepoint Games


Sony family continues to grow day by day. The Far Eastern giant has now announced that it has acquired Bluepoint Games, which is under the name of games such as Demon’s Souls Remake.

Japanese technology giant Sony in the console market It does not neglect to develop special games for its own consoles in order to maintain its power. It has many studios that develop games for PlayStation. Sony added a new one to these names.

Announcing his name especially with his remake games Bluepoint Games officially Sony joined its organization. Thus, a new one has been added to Sony’s successive game studio purchases recently.

It’s been talked about for a long time

demon's souls

Sony’nin to buy Bluepoint In fact, it was a claim that had been in the backstage for a long time. Especially after Demon’s Souls was one of the promotional games of the PlayStation 5 when it was first released, the closeness between the two companies came to the fore, and this brought along with it purchase rumors.


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Sharing a blog post on the subject PlayStation Studios’a headed by Herman Hulst, “I’m thrilled to announce that PlayStation Studios has grown again with the addition of one of our longtime partners, Bluepoint Games.‘ I mean the one that came out of Bluepoint’s hand. Demon’s Souls, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection ve Shadow of the Colossus He stated that it is a studio that has proven its maturity in remakes with games such as.

Bluepoint has already started new project



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Head of Blueprint Games Marco ThrushIn an interview he gave, he said that they started working on an original game. Becoming a part of PlayStation Studios means their studios are setting the bar for quality. to move them higher Stating that it helped, Thrush stated that they wanted to make even more effective games for the PlayStation community.

Sony has recently acquired a large number of studios. Known for its success in adapting games to computers, many game developers such as Nixxes and UK-based Firesprite also came under the umbrella of Sony. PlayStation 5 There are many games to be published for

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