Sony: Playstation Network throttles download speed

"Players can experience slightly slower or delayed game downloads, but still enjoy stable gameplay": This writes Jim Ryan, head of the Playstation division at Sony, in the company blog. According to him, his company is working with the online providers to optimize the utilization of the networks.

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In practical terms, this is obviously to be understood in such a way that the downloading of games and presumably also updates is somewhat slower than it is anyway.

For years, members of the Playstation Network (PSN) have mocked and scolded about the much longer waiting times compared to other services with the same data sizes, especially in the evenings.

Problems in multiplayer mode, on the other hand, are rather unusual, and probably not to be feared this time either – at least Ryan writes. He refers to the reason for the action "uncertain times", which of course can only mean the crisis surrounding the corona virus.

It is conceivable that Microsoft will soon make similar throttling in Xbox Live and online shops such as Steam or the Epic Games Store. The situation was similar with streaming providers who want to have changed some settings gradually as a result of discussions with EU representatives in order to generate less data volume.

To date, however, there are different reports on how far this actually happens and how necessary it is. Facebook recently announced appropriate measures.

So far, Sony has announced that the download speed will only be reduced for Europe, and there appear to be no comparable promotions in the USA and Asia.

Ryan gives no further details. He also makes no statements about how long the longer waiting times can be expected. When trying – though anything but representative – through, there was no difference to anything else when downloading an update or in multiplayer mode from GTA 5.

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