Source Code: Data Protection provides conditions for Huawei's 5G networks

The Hamburg data protection officer Johannes Caspar has advised to allow the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei to participate in setting up the German 5G network only under certain conditions. "In such critical infrastructure projects, which are of particular importance to the functioning of the community, the contractor should contractually demand the highest possible level of transparency"Caspar told Handelsblatt. "This applies in particular to the disclosure of the source code, at least to the competent control bodies."

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  2. DREWAG – Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH, Dresden

Huawei had already opened its Cybersecurity Transparency Center in Brussels in March 2019. There, government agencies and customers will be presented with the source code for Huawei network equipment. The Chancellor wants to allow Huawei.

Caspar stressed that sovereignty over the digital infrastructure is at a time when many states have their own national interests "Blatantly" pursued, by "Importance of companies' reliance on other geopolitical actors is therefore extremely problematic, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation technology, where abuse and manipulation are difficult to prevent." To protect confidential information, especially personal data, "We should therefore focus more on providers who offer a high level of assurance that they comply with legal standards for confidentiality and data protection."

Caspar said that this is difficult if only a few companies can provide adequate services in global competition. "European solutions are probably rather difficult here, since there are hardly any." And to be able to rely on US solutions, too "Raise concerns"As the example of the Huawei competitor Cisco shows.