South Korea Declares War on Google and Apple

South Korean authorities are preparing a new law so that third-party payment systems can be added to applications, thereby eliminating commissions. US officials declared that this was discrimination.

To a certain extent, from the application developers of the two big technology giants, Google and Apple. get a commissionhas been on the agenda of countries for a while. A blow to companies that have been sued and threatened with sanctions many times before came from south korea.

South Korean officialsAnti-GoogleWith an amendment to the Telecommunications Commerce Act, also known as the ” law, Google and Apple’s commission rates will be reduced. to limit aims.

Google and Apple’s commission rates may vary:

Companies, which have been trying to cope with the revolts of both users and application developers, as many countries have reacted to this situation recently, also made statements about the law amendment prepared by South Korea. Apple “Our users will make digital product purchases from third party sources. with security risks may be confronted and it may be difficult for them to protect their privacy.” said. The company also noted that this regulation 8.55 trillion KRW (39,940,365,370,95 TL) winner more than 482 thousand he said it would make things harder for the registered developer.

US Trade Representative Office spokesman Adam Hodge said US officials are still trying to balance competition in the industry. Hodge also said, “Against American companies, considering the law in Korea that they discriminated and we think they hinder competition. We work with some companies to gather facts” and emphasized that they are following the event.

Google any explanation didn’t.

Korean officials consider developers:

Kwon Se-hwa, Managing Director of Korea Internet Corporations, said, “Google and Apple are encouraging developers to use their own payment system in games and apps. forcing. Companies want to integrate these policies into music and other content as well. If the new bill becomes law, developers independent payment systems will be able to use and will not depend on commissions”, emphasizing how important the bill is for developers.

Earlier this year, Google and Apple increased commissions from developers in their app stores up to the first $1 million in revenue. will reduce it to 15% had explained. However, it seems that South Korean authorities still find these commission amounts too high.


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South Korean officials are planning to pass the prepared bill soon and to two giant companies. to put pressure is planning.

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