Space Telescope TESS Discovers Over 2,000 New Planets


The space telescope TESS, launched by NASA in 2018, discovered 2,200 new planets in a short time. Planets discovered by TESS will become official after a detailed study by NASA.

NASA successfully launched a space telescope, TESS, into orbit in 2018 as part of the Explorers program, and TESS’s target in the first two years. 1,600 new planets had determined to find.

TESS, which quickly started its mission after orbit, has already exceeded its target and Over 2 thousand 200 potential planet discovered. Among the discovered planets are small and medium-sized planets with rocks like Earth, NASA has so far discovered 120 of the planets TESS has discovered. that they officially confirm explained.

NASA officially gives approval and names after examining the planets discovered by TESS


TESS’s ultimate goal is to scan the sky and By measuring the light from the stars making new planet discoveries. TESS’s achievement of the determined goal in a short time and finding a region with a potential of more than 2 thousand 200 planets was an exciting development for NASA, which is in search of a place to live outside of Earth.

Of course, not all regions TESS sees as planets are directly approved by NASA. NASA first of all James Webb Space Telescope search for coordinates specified by TESS, and indeed, when a place that could be called a planet is found, confirmation and name giving.

Among the approved planets, rocky and Located 100 light years away TOI-700 has TOI 1690 b, whose core temperature is similar to Earth, and TOI 849 b, which does not contain any atmospheric gas.