Space: US space company Stratolaunch has new owner

A buyer for the giant plane: Stratolaunch Systems was sold. The US space company has announced that it will continue its activities. Who took over Stratolaunch, is not known.

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Stratolaunch was founded by Paul Allen, one of the founders of the software company Microsoft. The goal was to shoot launchers into space with the aid of a gigantic aircraft. The aircraft is to bring the rockets to a height of 9 km and there to suspend. After releasing the rocket then ignite their engines and fly on their own into space.

The Stratolaunch Carrier, a twin-hull aircraft with a span of 117 meters, was completed in 2017 and also completed the first taxi test in the year. Last summer, Stratolaunch announced plans to develop its own rockets for the Stratolaunch Carrier.

Paul Allen died in October last year. In April of this year, the Stratolaunch Carrier lifted for the first time. But a few months earlier, the company had already announced that it would stop rocket development. In June there was talk of Stratolaunch being sold.

Among the interested parties belonged according to a report by the US television channel CNBC the British businessman Richard Branson. Its space company Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit pursue a similar concept as Stratolaunch. However, Branson only wanted to pay a symbolic price of one dollar. Allens Holding Vulcan, part of the Stratolaunch, wanted the company to have $ 400 million.

The sale seems to have succeeded: Stratolaunch have changed hands, the company said via Twitter, The stopped program with the test flights should be resumed. Also on the rocket development should be worked again.

Who the buyer is and what price he has paid for Stratolaunch, is not known.