SpaceX Shares New Dragon Capsule Design


SpaceX shared a new capsule design that will allow astronauts to stick their heads out in space and enjoy the scenery under a glass dome. In the design, there is a glass dome with a lid on the top of the capsule.

SpaceX shared the new Dragon capsule design on its Twitter account. In the shared design, there is a glass partition in the Dragon capsule where astronauts can sit. This glass pane, astronauts enjoy the space view will provide.

By SpaceX “A new sight for the crewIn the image shared by interpreting it as “, we see the glass dome placed in a compartment opened at the top of the capsule. Thanks to this compartment, the astronauts will be in contact with space in a way with only a glass dome between them.

‘Where you will feel’ the most ‘in space’

Elon Musk Dragon Capsule

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of the company, shared SpaceX’s new Dragon capsule share on his Twitter account. This glass dome, according to Musk, ”where you can possibly feel the most ‘in space’”. The new Dragon capsule will transport astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and offer astronauts a new perspective throughout the journey.

The Dragon capsule is currently one of NASA’s most important resources in transporting astronauts to the ISS. NASA, In 2011 Space shuttle missions were withdrawn from circulation, and astronauts could travel to the ISS by Roskosmos spacecraft. Using the vehicles of companies such as SpaceX and Boeing Delivery to the ISS opened a different door for NASA.


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The posts about the impressive Dragon capsule design with a glass dome No details were given. Therefore, it is not even known when this design will be implemented or whether it is a concept design. No information about this design was shared on the official SpaceX website, either.

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