SpaceX struggles to buy a village in Texas

Space transport company SpaceX is trying to buy a village to test Mars rockets. The Boca Chica Village in Texas will be purchased for the test flights of the SpaceX Starhopper and the villagers will be removed from the village.

SpaceX, a US-based space transport company, has been working on a prototype ship called Starhopper for some time now. Although it is described as the ship that will carry the people of the world to the surface of Mars for life on Mars, it has yet to fly up to only 152 meters from the earth.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX; The company needs a suitable space to develop this vehicle, which will carry people to Mars, and to carry out the tests. For the development of Starhopper, SpaceX is buying the Boca Chica Village in Texas.

Residents are extremely worried

Elon Musk stated that there was an empty land with no one around, but this is not exactly the case. About a dozen people live within two miles of the so-called vacant land for SpaceX. Residents of Boca Chica Village say they have even received offers from SpaceX.

Most of the inhabitants are concerned about the forced detention. Po I don't know if they'll let us live our last days here, and it's very scary, Maria said Maria Pointer, one of them. Boca Chica residents receive a letter from SpaceX on September 12, and the company charges the house independently.