SpaceX Will Cause Ads In The Sky

A startup that plans to broadcast ads in the sky is preparing to partner with SpaceX. The satellite, which is planned to be sent into orbit, will enable anyone who pays enough fees to broadcast the content they want in the sky.

SpaceX, the space transportation company owned by Elon Musk, is preparing to partner with a Canadian startup project for the most frivolous advertising project of all time. The project in question will literally carry the name of the brands to the sky.

Samuel Reid, co-founder and CEO of Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), announced that it will partner with SpaceX to send an advertising satellite into orbit. CubeSat According to Reid’s statements, the satellite will be a vehicle for brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi to fight in the sky.

The logo of the giver will rise to the sky


The CubeSat satellite, which Geometric Energy Corporation plans to send into space with the support of SpaceX, will have a giant screen on it. people too will be able to send their advertisements to this satellite for a fee. Company logos will shine like the Moon in the sky, unmistakably.

What needs to be done to get a chance to advertise on the satellite is simple: Bidding higher wages than other suitors. Anyone will be able to advertise on CubeSat if they pay the highest price for a certain period of time. CEO Reid explains the minor problems this facility can cause with these words: “There may be companies that want to put their logo on the satellite as an advertisement. Or more personal or artistic endeavors can be made. Maybe Pepsi and Coca-Cola can enter the race to give their logos to CubeSat. I’m trying to create something that gives everyone access to space and promotes decentralized participation. I hope people don’t spend their money on offensive, inappropriate and degrading content.”


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Some ‘tokens’ will be used to determine the time, brightness level, color and region where the ad will be broadcast. After a while, according to Reid’s plans, customers They will be able to make these purchases with Dogecoin. Well, we don’t know for now whether people will want to see logos and slogans in the sky, which is the only place where there are no advertisements.