SpaceX’s Next Starship Prototype Will Arrive at 60,000 Feet


Elon Musk has announced that Starship, which is nearing the end in the take-off tests, will perform a high altitude test of 60,000 feet in the next prototype tests. It is not yet known when the flight test, which will be a milestone for space transportation, will take place.

Elon Musk as CEO SpaceXThe Starship tests, which include short-distance landings and take-offs, are nearing the end. Musk said that the company’s SN8 Starship prototype is planned to be finished in about a week, and Starship’s first high altitude flight said it would be realized. The flight will take place after the rocket’s static fire tests and controls are completed.

SpaceX SN5 and SN6 Two full-size Starship prototypes, known as the company, were recently installed at the company’s South Texas facilities near Boca Chica. 150 meters had made test launches. Musk, who shared a post on his Twitter account yesterday, after all preparations are completed 60,000 feet (18.3 km) announced a high altitude flight test.

The SN8 Starship prototype will feature 3 Raptor engines:


Sharing on his Twitter account, Musk said that the prototype to be tested cone nose and to wings He also stated that he would have. Earlier SN5 and SN6 prototypes had a simulated weight instead of a real nose, and there were no wings to direct flight.

SpaceX’s new generation during routine engine tests of the rocket Raptors to be tested. Three of these engines are expected to raise the SN8 prototype to the target height. Also, to make a note, only one Raptor was used in the SN5 and SN6.

SpaceX first sought permission to fly at high altitude in early February. At this point, the first flight of SN8 when What it will do is not yet known. At this point, it can be said that it will be an important milestone for SpaceX, regardless of the flight date.


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Although the height of 18.3 kilometers the prototype is expected to reach is not close to space (it is assumed to start at about 100 kilometers), reaching this height will show that the Starship is suitable for more than short jumps and the Starship before reaching orbit It will represent one of the last big steps.

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