SpaceX’s Transporter-1 Mission Postponed


US-based private space transport SpaceX announced that the Transporter-1 mission, where 143 satellites will be launched into space at once, has been delayed due to adverse weather conditions. The company will try to launch a new launch at 18:00 tomorrow.

US-based private space transport company, under which Elon Musk is CEO SpaceXin a single Falcon 9 rocket 143 satellites will send to space Transporter-1 postponed its mission. Under normal circumstances, the launch, planned for today at 17.40, had to be postponed until tomorrow due to adverse weather conditions.

In the statement made by SpaceX, tomorrow at 18:00 It was reported that it will be retried from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. In the statement made, the company “We will not start the mission today due to adverse weather conditions. The team will count down up to 30 seconds to collect data. expressions were used. Tomorrow’s launch SpaceX’s website and YouTube channel will be broadcast live.

The goal is to take 143 satellites into orbit at a time:


Transporter-1 mission, SpaceX’s various 133 small satellites and company 10 Starlink internet satellites It will be the first private travel sharing mission it carries. Andy Tran, the company’s chief of production, said that when the mission is accomplished, which will bring 143 small satellites into space at a time, record He said it would.

Within the scope of Starlink project developed to provide internet access from space in regions where internet access is insufficient or limited, More than 1000 satellite moved into low Earth orbit.


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SpaceX, which took satellites into orbit with reusable Falcon-9 rockets, until the mid-2020s 12,000 satellites aims to deploy. It is also among the plans to increase this number up to 42,000 in the future.

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